So what do we think? Do I look pretty in pink?

I have found a new home. For a while there I felt like a stray. Abandoned in some bins. The future not looking bright. But now, the horizons are very bright. Bright pink in fact.

I will be riding for Wyndymilla for the foreseeable future. A place where ‘Jake’ will be nurtured and looked after. Where he can be let to roam free (to an extent) and explore my cycling in a slightly different way to previous seasons. It’s all very exciting!


My 2015 season will be a jam packed eclectic mix of events. Ranging from insane record attempts to racing against some of the worlds best on the road and then on to local time trials. So hopefully there will be some good stories in there. I like a good story.

Wyndymilla bring decades of collective cycling, racing and sporting experience to offer a unique custom bike / fit experiences. And as I’ve had some problems in the last few months with my own bike set up, it will be interesting to learn more about my body and what it can do, then have bikes made to measure for my weird requirements. I’m sure there will be a post on that in due course!


So to sum it up…WYNDYMILLA!!!

You’ll definitely see me coming. For that, I’m certain…and it gives me more of an excuse to get the pink suit out!



2 thoughts on “NEWS! BIG! NEWS!

  1. Epic! You certainly will stand out when you fly across the line first wearing that kit! I’d love a custom Wyndymilla myself, but it’s going to have to wait. Also their HQ in Seale is next to one of the best tea rooms in the county!

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