Man Down!

I got knocked off my bike today on the way to the shops in Colliers Wood. Minding my own business. Tootling along. Then. BLAM. A car. In my face. Swerve. Deck. Ow.

All I wanted was some tasty yoghurt.

And yes, said driver drove off without stopping or a word. I was left in the road doing a pretty darn good impression of Peter Griffin from Family Guy. But more sweary. And Bleedy.

Now I look like I’ve been in a scrap with a 300kg Bengali Tiger! And had my leg blown off. And had my leg bitten by the mother of all wasps. And been attacked by some sort of blue paint all over me. Classy. Scars are cool right?

So the moral of this story is. Yoghurt is dangerous. As are cars.

Keep safe out there everyone.

Oh, everyone should read this too. Pretty much sums up today as well as most other days cycling in and around London.


One thought on “Man Down!

  1. Hope you are ok and not too beaten up. It’s happened to me a few times and luckily it was superficial but could have been a lot worse! Last time ended up going through the rear window of a Clio as the bellend decided to brake for no apparent reason! Anyway…scars are cool!

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