Bring me back some Speculoos…

Right. It’s been nearly a year. And I’ve decided to run my blog properly and continuously on pain of a harsh telling off…from myself.
The main reason being that I’ll be moving to Ghent, Belgium in April for a number of months in 2013! And It’ll save my Mum some stress if there is something to read that reassures her that I haven’t been lost to a strange new place. Eating my way through gallons of Speculoos!

This season has had it’s ups and downs. I maintained my Elite Category status with eleven wins and eighteen other top fives in circuit and road races across the UK. I traveled across the northern parts to race in the crème de la crème of British circuit racing, I cycled to my local circuit of Crystal Palace and my faithful mum drove me here, there and everywhere to race. I think if there were such things as ‘Train Miles’ I’d have enough to circumference the Earth. A number of times. But most of all I loved and enjoyed every painful minute I spent on my bike.

I was also asked at last minute to ride as a Pro Rider for one of the Friendship Works teams in the Trois Etapes. A Pro-Am charity race in France. Based on number of mountain time trials on the famous climbs of the 2012 Tour de France, with the addition of the Col du Galibier and Alpe d’Huez. It was an amazing experience and possibly the highlight of my year. The scenery, the roads, the weather, the people and the of course the good causes. Over a million pounds was raised for the various charities. Our team finished 5th! Check out the 2013 route and dates here –

I’ve again had my share of bad luck, a number of broken frames and bike parts during races hasn’t aided matters. But I’ve begun to realise, everyone has the same luck. Its what you do with it that matters. I mean, everyone snaps a gear lever in the winning break then the next day gets taken out and snaps a frame…don’t they?

The most exciting news of late is that I’ll be riding for a Belgian club/ team called Kingsnorth International Wheelers. Quite a few ‘famous’ riders have gone through their ranks, Dean Downing (Three Time National Champion) and Jack Bauer (Now rides for Garmin-Sharp-Barracuda) to name a few. I’ll be staying in a farmhouse in or near Ghent, supposably ‘The Oxford’ of Belgium. Wether that’s actually the case…we will see.
My calendar will mostly consist of Amateur Kermes’ and hopefully the odd invitational Pro-Kermes, it will be a big difference in style and length to the British racing scene. And I can’t wait to live and breathe cycling in what some would say is the true heart of cycle racing.

Other than all of that. There isn’t anything that interesting to report!
I still like cakes…nothing’s changed.

Happy Pedalling.

Yes. He’s now World TTT champion!


3 thoughts on “Bring me back some Speculoos…

  1. Congrats on moving to Belgium! Thanks for the shout for Cosaveli and Les Trois Etapes. Have a great start on the continent! Kevin

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