Hillingdon and Hog Hill. 30-31/01/2011


This weeks round of the Imperial Winter series was less than perfect. With the wind still relentless and the riders ever the same, and getting ever more fit, the racing is getting faster and faster!

The race started off with an early attack from myself, but that was not to last. I was brought back after around two laps. James Moss of Endura racing seemed to be the strongest rider on the day putting in some big digs on the climb, and eventually a group got away. Containing series leader Lewis Atkins and James. The racing dulled down after no one was willing to work together to get them back. After this became clear, I began to try to get away from the bunch. Only to be chased down, time and time again.

One lap to go. I lined up on Tom Smith’s wheel. Hoping to get a good tow to the line. With around 250m to go Tom Kicked like a horse. I responded only to be boxed in by a wall of orange. My old team. I crossed the line in 30th after barely sprinting. Words were spoken after the race. Mainly along the lines of what is good sportsmanship and what classifies as a dangerous sprint.

Hog Hill. Sunday. Second win of 2011.

During the car journey to the race, I realised I hadn’t raced at Hog Hill for a year, and the last time I did I got dropped. So I was hoping that I’d progressed enough since last year, so I wouldn’t get smashed. On arrival at the circuit it seemed that only 2 people had pre-signed on. Both elites. Getting nearer and nearer to the start only I had actually turned up. But with twenty minutes to go 3 guys rolled up. Namely Jason White (Cycle-premier Metaltek) a known strong rider on the brutal course.

On the line the riders and I agreed to do through and off for half and hour. Then whatever happens, happens.

Bang on 30 minutes  of racing I attacked up the hill. After a number of similar attacks I managed to drop two of the riders, bar Jason who held onto my wheel until the last lap. A few lapped riders tried to hold onto the wheels of Jason and I but were soon shelled after a sharp increase in pace on the hill. On the final go up the hill, I rode away from Jason to claim my second win of the year!

Ending a previously disappointing weekend with a very high note!  It seems climbing won’t be an issue this year. Losing about 7kg’s has probably helped aid that.

Thanks to SERRL for holding the races. And to Dave Hayward for the photos.



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