Hillingdon 22/01/2011

After last weeks success on Sunday I was looking to continue my good form into this week’s round of the winter series.

Sadly it was not to be.

An appropriate phrase for the race may have been – ‎Tag team” Selecting one rider to be worked over and dropped.

While warming up I felt pretty rubbish and couldn’t find any sort of rhythm. This didn’t bode well for the race.

In the early stages of the race I tried my luck and attacked numerous times but was either marked by Wouter from Sigma Sport or chased down by the couple of teams that had turned up. After half the race had gone Jerone Walters of Sigma Sport went on away with two other riders, who later dropped off due to the high pace Jerone was keeping. It seemed that the race was shut down by the remaining two Sigma riders while the gap was allowed to grow and grow, leaving Jerone enough daylight between himself and the bunch to win.

With 15 laps remaining a group of four riders including Series leader Lewis Atkins , blasted off the front. Reacting to the move with Tom Smith (Felt-Colbournes) I was left in no man’s land with spent legs. Watching the break go.

Skipping through to the last two laps of the race, Sandy King who was in the group of four attacked. Only to be brought back 100m to go by Wouter Sybrandy (Sigma Sport). Jerone won the race by just under a lap, Tom Smith 2nd, Lewis 3rd and Sandy 4th With a fine display of speed and strength, even with a suspected broken wrist. Things in the bunch began to liven up with a lap to go, a group of three riders went clear. And seemingly looked like they would stay away. On the back straight Steve Golla (Sigma Sport) attacked, I chased. We caught and went past the group of three and I sat behind Steve until 100m to go. I opened up the guns. It seemed that doing my sprint half a lap early had deadened my legs, lunging in for 8th. With Vince Halpern (AW Cycles) Taking the bunch sprint.

After not feeling my normal self this week, I’m planning on having an easier week on the bike. With a few cafe rides planned. And a lot of sleep. I’m also looking forward to hopefully having a team mate on the round on the 5th. So we can tear it up, and smash Sigma Sport over.

In other news. I’m going to Majorca for a two week training camp with my new team in February, which will be an exiting experience as I haven’t been on a plane since I was eight! Not to mention the mountains and sun and warmth and good roads and good food and…


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