A tragic week for cycling.

This week has been full of news. But the news of two rider’s deaths has put a shadow on many people’s lives.

Lewis Balyckyi was killed whilst training near his home on Tuesday evening after a beautiful day. Police are asking people to call in if they know or saw what happened. I didn’t personally know Lewis, but when he was racing he was always a formidable force, always super strong, and always seemed to have a smile on his face on and off the bike.

He was destined for great things, I’m sure. It’s just a great shame he will never get to for fill his promising potential. Thoughts go to his family and his friends in this difficult time.

The other tragic news of another Pro cyclist being killed, in near exact circumstances also shocked the world of cycling. South African HTC Rider Carla Swart was killed whilst training. She too was hit by a truck.  Another young rider cut down before they could achieve their full potential.

These two instances have put a lot of things in perspective for a lot of people. And made me look at my own life.

In a flash of an moment everything can be gone. Lives, ruined.Years, lost.





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