Hillingdon 15/01/11 Race one of two!

So this week it was windy. I’d planned on not being so aggressive due to there being two races this weekend, so I was playing it safe, with just a few less attacks.

The race :

The race started off at a steady pace. No real attacks coming until about 15 minuets when a group of 10 or so riders drifted away from the bunch. Containing mainly Welwyn Wheelers, the home club of pro Tony Gibb he was obliged to block for them. This was short lived as the two Sigma Sport riders began the chase. With last years winner Phill Sykes taking it upon himself to do the hard work.

The middle part of the race was pretty uneventful with most riders struggling to hold a wheel due to the crazy wind! Riders were dropping off like flies. It just turned into a race of attrition.

With 5 laps to go Sandy King and Phill Sykes attacked. I chased hard and was joined by series leader Lewis Atkins. We then caught the two leaders with about 4 laps to go.  We pushed hard through the wind only to be chased down by Tony Gibb with only 3 laps remaining.

Half a lap to go Steve Golla Last weeks winner attacked. And chased Arjan Planting, the strongest rider in the race, who had got just after one to go. Sandy King also attacked with less than half a lap remaining staying away and closely challenging Steve for the win. I opened up the sprint going around the final corner, finishing 6th. Narrowly missing out on 5th.

I’ve worked out the top 5 in the series now.

  1. Lewis Atkins – 840 (4th Today)
  2. Tom Smith – 580 (3rd )
  3. Steve Golla – 490 (1st)
  4. Jake Martin – 410 (6th)
  5. Jo Skelton – 390 (na)

With Steve not racing tomorrow due to something about his wife and looking after his kids…I need to score 80 points or above tomorrow to take 3rd in the series. So that’s a top 8 finish. Hoping for wind and rain tomorrow!

Thanks to Lucy and Imperial Racing for holding the events.


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