Hillingdon 08/01/2011

After last weeks disappointing race I had made the decision to be very aggressive this week. Having only one plan, and that was to attack also known as going on a “Jake-away”.

“Jake-away” – An attack at an inappropriate time of a race, often resulting in failure, or exhaustion  Eg; Attacking at the start of a race or on a decent. And then going out the back after 40 out of 70 miles.

We got to the race HQ with plenty of time, being early helps with staying relaxed. I wore bib longs much to the surprise of many people who had seen me brave it out in shorts the previous week. I think I’d like to be able to walk, so tights it is.

Race Report

Lap 1 – I attacked off the line and was shortly caught by Angus MacAlister, who was riding in his new Le Col Kit. He’d said before the race how it was a bit tight, I’d said it was race fit. He said, he wasn’t, which was clearly a lie.

We continued to race off the front for six or so laps before a group of thirteen caught us. The group contained Lewis Atkins the series leader and two Sigma Sport Riders. We had a good gap and were working OK as a group. Marcel Six bridged across to the group leaving Tony Gibb in the main bunch. After 40 minutes of racing we lapped the main field.

I tried and tried to get away from the 13 riders but was chased and marked in every move I made. I’m not superstitious but I am racing with number 13…

At around 12 laps to go I put in a huge effort to try to get away only to be caught two and a half later. Right as a counter move went Including the series leader. I tried to chase but there was little commitment from the group seeing as three out of the four away had team-mates in the group.

The leaders stayed away to the end with Steve Golla (Sigma Sport) taking the honours, with Lewis Atkins taking 2nd, and in doing so increasing his overall lead over Jo Skelton who didn’t finish and Tom Smith in 3rd. With the sprint for 5th, I had barely had any energy left and was cramping, but managed to come 7th, beaten by Marcel and  Jerzy Kuzminski (London Phoenix) who died towards the line, but no matter how hard I lunged. I couldn’t get him.

I’m now back to 4th in the series after Felix English was away on a training camp. With the two races this weekend, I’m still hoping to break into the top three this week.

Maybe this weeks races call for a few more tactics. And less Aggression.


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