Hillingdon Winter Series 03/01/2011

After Saturday’s longest blog post ever, I have decided to simple this one down.

My Dad raced the 4th cat race today so I arrived to the circuit a good three hours early..He managed to not finish last in his 3rd ever race, so a good ride from him, even when under the weather.

E123 Race :

Started in a similar way to the new years…Attack, attack, attack. Even some full gas attacks on the grass. Which were followed by stern words. Many of us tried to get a gap and split the field but nothing ever came to fruition. At one point I looked back to see if it was a good time to attack, and all I saw was a wall of Pink. Made up of the whole WindyMilla Team.

With 2 laps to go, the bunch were together. With the strong riders fighting for Lewis Atkins’ wheel. Some elbows were being used, I may have used my size to my advantage to take Lewis’s wheel going into 1 lap to go.

With 400 meters to go I was sat 3rd wheel…ready to strike. Just as I was getting ready to sprint a rider on my left rode into me, causing my front wheel to lift off  of the ground. No matter I began my sprint, going from 20th wheel. I pushed on to the finish, finally ending up 9th. And now going from 4th to 5th in the series. I’m still hoping for a podium spot at the end of the series.

The top 3 were Lewis Atkins ( Twenty3c – Orbea) in 1st by a matter on centimetres from Tom Smith (Felt-Colbournes) And in third place was the winner of round one the series Jo Skelton (Look Mum No Hands!)

A frustrating race. But all good training. And now only 290 points to go before that sought after Elite License.

Thanks to Lucy and WindyMilla for holding the event today.


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