Hillingdon E123 New Years Day.

I began the day thinking, If I finish this race I deserve a medal. A big one. After the previous nights events I was feeling very worse for wear and I was feeling the fact that I’d only had 4 hours sleep. I somehow managed to drag myself out of bed and onto the train to southall. On arrival at the circuit I took the opportunity to have a cheeky sleep!

The race began with an attack from myself…It was more like a warm up but the bunch seemed to take it seriously and chased me down after 3 laps or so. during the race there seemed to be a lot of good moves trying to get away, mostly not including myself so I felt it down to me to chase.

The rain earlier in the day had made sand and dirt wash onto the circuit, everyone looked like they’d been competing at the New Year Cross Madison at Herne Hill! The damp made the right hand bend after the finish an interesting experience, I pulled off a number of two wheel skids. In the process throwing off anyone on my wheel, paving the way for an attack!

Throughout the race it seemed that myself, Lewis Atkins of “Twenty3c-Orbea” were the strongest guys in the race…Maybe a mention should go to what looked to be the oldest man in the race who was attacking maybe more than he was capable of… chapeau anyhow. Lewis and I began to attack together hoping to get away from the bunch. Both of us looking to place well in the overall series.

With around 10 laps to go a group of 8 riders went off the front the bunch. The group contained 3 elites. With 9 laps to go I attacked from the bunch on the back straight with a speed of 44mph and bridged across to the group. At 5 laps to go we had a lead that had been varying from around 15 seconds it went up to 18 with 4 laps to go after some encouragement to some of the weaker riders in the group who gracefully smashed themselves to help us stay away.

Going into 2 laps to go everyone in the group was beginning to watch each other. Waiting for someone to make a last hope dash for the line. Half a lap to go, Henry Furniss riding for WyndyMilla, one of the series’s sponsors had an attempt at surprising  us. I saw him beginning to attack. I matched him well.

With 300 meters to go I was second wheel. At around 200 to go I began my sprint. 150 Lewis and Felix English came up next to me, so I pushed hard again, leaving only Lewis to come past me in the last 10 meters.

I’ve been getting closer to beating Lewis in the last few races we’ve done together so hopefully I’ll have him in tomorrows race. I’m now 3rd in the series. I think, I’ll have to wait until the results are published before that can be certain.

So in Short. After the longest Blog post in history. That was my 1st podium of 2011. And my first race for my new team Pendragon – Le Col – Colnago.

Hoping to top my 2nd place with a win tomorrow.


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