Winter Series 2010 /2011

So, Hillingdon winter series is nearly upon us. Last year I only managed to do 2 of the whole series of 10 races or so due to recovering from a smashed collarbone and re-constructive surgery. My best result was 17th…I’m hoping to better that this year. Substantially.

I’m going to be doing the whole series, even the boxing day and I think the round on New Years Day! Probably will race if its snowy too. Hard.

I’ve even got some 26mm tyres ready if its snowy and icy! Might invest in some sort of Mountain bike or BMX safety pads just in case. Not because of the ice. Because of the mental people. A point proven in a recent Cycling Weekly article, about 4th category races, in which there was a image of a race. One person in the race, had one leg in a leg warmer and the other one out in the world.

Just rememeber. Don’t eat the yellow snow.



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